mardi 22 mai 2007

Diankadennoù ha Gwelidigezhioù

*"Diankadennoù ha Gwelidigezhioù" is a tape to be launched upon by TavarnKeben, it'll be a no-master series, each copy is made by the previous one until A-side disappears and B-side appears.
Tracks : [17] Diankadennoù [18] Gwelidigezhioù

HYS - Saint Bernardin changé en bouc

SORC'HENN next and third recording will be released soon on RuralFaune recs ; called "HYS - Saint Bernardin changé en bouc" it's a six 6 minutes + one 4 minutes tracks : [8] Toulgoat [9] Funerals [10] Kergoat ar lem [11] Burzunadùr [12] HYS - Saint Bernardin changé en bouc [13] Grandharmonium [14] Olde Goat. Failures. End. Listens on the myspace :